Why Invest

The current projects hold significant geological potential for the discovery and delineation of a large gold inventory.

Of the 3,758 soil samples analysed, numerous +40 part per billion (ppb) gold anomalies were reported with a peak soil value of 93.98 grams per tonne being obtained from Mansala. Of note is that some 16% of the combined Alahiné and Mansala Licence Areas (112km2) returned anomalous soil values of +40 ppb gold.


  • The Polymetals Licences are in good standing and located in the mineral rich Siguiri Basin of NE Guinea.
  • Alahiné (64km2) Exploration Licence current to April 2022:

Two field seasons 2018 + 2019 / 2020 conducting soil geochemistry (peak soil assay 13.2g/t), regolith mapping and Phase 1 RC drilling over Area A (2,406m); and

  • Mansala (48km2) Exploration Licence current to October 2022:

2020 Phase 1 soil sampling completed (peak soil assay 93.9g/t).

Key Facts

  • Significant areas of gold anomalism over both licences;
    • +40ppb soil geochemistry signature exceeds 17.9km2 or 16% of the combined 112km2 area
  • Dilational features identified and mapped;
  • Two mineralisation styles distinguished:
    • Oxidised primary quartz – gold lodes; and
    • Secondary gold in laterite and saprolite horizons.
  • Petrology supports established structural & fluid frameworks;
  • Alahiné Phase 1 RC drilling – Area A
    • 21 holes on 4 traverses over 1,450m strike;
    • 9 holes intersected gold mineralisation; and best intercept AHRC014: 14m at 2.64g/t gold, including 4m at 6.71g/t gold.

The Polymetals Board and Management look forward to welcoming you as a Shareholder, at the beginning of a journey toward what we hope will be a significant gold production company.